Making the switch to Signal

Facebook is *REALLY* good at tracking people. Whether you have an account with them or not, they’ve “got your number”. They’ve got stats on you even if you’ve never visited their sites. That’s because Facebook has an extensive tracking network using their analytics platform, meaning that chances are, you’ve got an app that allows them to figure out who you are, etc.

Well, my goal is to hit facebook below the belt. I’m done with Facebook (and have been for about 9 months), Instagram (about 2 months) and now Messenger and WhatsApp.

I’m switching to Signal

Why? you might ask? WhatsApp *IS* secure in it’s messages. Facebook technically can’t see what you’ve typed / received (or said / seen in the event of a video or audio call)

The reason is simple. Facebook attempts to track you at every juncture. But they’ve effed up too many times to be trusted. And when you’re “giving away the software”, the software isn’t the product. You are.

Your data is being sold left and right to companies. Correction: Your screen real estate for ads is being sold left and right. And I just don’t think that’s right.

Take a look at the difference:

WhatsApps pages-long privacy info
The single screenshot that shows Signal doesn’t want to know what you’re up to

Ok. Hopefully I’ve made my point. But if you need a little help with this, I’ve made some videos over on Genius Lounge to help you with that:

My how-to playlist for Signal

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  1. Sorry to hear that you are leaving WhatsApp, but I do understand your concern.

    I would like to correct one part of your blog. You say “Your data is being sold left and right to companies.” Facebook sells ads, and it uses the data it collects to charge advertisers as much as possible. Facebook does not sell your personal data to companies because it wants to charge them each time they want to show ads to you.

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