Hi, I’m Matt (also known as Fishy). A Husband, Dad, and NERD.

I currently live in the greater Wichita area (but greater than what?), with my wife Sarah, son Truett, and our 2 rabbits, Snickerdoodle and Cocoapuff . They keep us entertained, and make us laugh a lot.

Since college, I’ve been an Apple fanboy. I worked at Apple in Retail, and then at corporate for a total of about 9 years.

I love all things Star Wars , and REALLY enjoy 80’s music, good snarky comedy (such as Schitt’s Creek), and long walks on the beach.

I also enjoy cycling, and like riding around town. Though Kansas is really flat, so I have to use my imagination quite a bit 😉

I’m a proponent of encryption, and believe it’s essential for our continued freedom of speech. I love tech that allows people to communicate freely, but securely – Such as Signal Messenger.

If you’d like to get to know me better, let’s chat.