Job hunting in the middle of a pandemic…

Job hunting in the middle of a pandemic…

Job hunting sucks to begin with.

But job hunting in the middle of a pandemic. After you’ve just moved. And purchased a home. To a place that has no real market for tech work. I was let go from my position the day our stuff arrived on the moving truck. There was a re-org. And my position had been eliminated.

All of this is pretty crappy

That all being said, I’m not freaking out like I thought I would be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not independently wealthy. The resources are finite, and there will be a day (in the semi-distant future) that those resources are no longer available.

But we’re near family. We moved here to help out my sister-in-law. She’s got 9 kids ranging from 3 to 18. So needless to say, a couple extra hands are always welcome. Whether that be cutting the curst off of a PB&J or driving the teenagers to work. The funny thing is, I’ve found that maybe they are helping us more than we were them. There’s a little more purpose to looking for a job.

Not to say our little 3 person circus isn’t enough. I just love getting all the hugs from the nieces and nephews. Oh and it doesn’t hurt that maybe Truett’s a little jealous now, too, so I get a few more hugs from him.

All this to say. I’m not glad it happened the way it did. I’m not even glad it happened. I loved my team, and I wish I could’ve said goodbye to them. But I am so glad we’ve got a support system, and that I didn’t lose my job while we in California.

There’s a whole lot of people we miss in California. But we’re doing okay.


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