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  • Apple Fitness +: a beginner’s impression

    Yesterday was the first day that Apple Fitness + was available. So I figured, since I’m an Apple fanboy, and have the Apple One subscription, why not try it out?

  • Call me Fishy

    I was named for my Uncle. He’s probably one of the sweetest, kindest, most-gentle people you’d ever meet. I didn’t see him much growing up; he was stationed overseas in the army. And I’m proud to be named for him. My name is Matthew. And it was the 3rd most popular name the year I […]

  • Pi-hole vs. CIrcle Home Plus for family internet safety

    Between my son and my nieces and nephews, I’ve got 9 kids that are regularly at my house. And they’re growing up in a world that didn’t exist without internet access. So, as you can imagine with all the malware, scams, and mature content out there, I’ve been searching for a way to keep the […]

  • Job hunting in the middle of a pandemic…

    Job hunting sucks to begin with. But job hunting in the middle of a pandemic. After you’ve just moved. And purchased a home. To a place that has no real market for tech work. I was let go from my position the day our stuff arrived on the moving truck. There was a re-org. And […]

  • Taking a stab at this…

      I left Facebook about 6 months ago. Right as the pandemic started. I debated whether or not to do it. It was a social outlet that kept me connected to friends that were half the country far away. Well, I’m so very thankful that I did. Because I needed space from all the hate […]