Author: Matt Troutman

  • Anniversary Date

    Sarah and I went for a lovely date. Here are some mediocre picture of Sarah, food, and the restaurant.

  • Dec 6 2021

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  • 🐟 🧡 🐢 (I’m employed again!)

    I thought I’d give an update, cause it’s been a while. I never thought I’d be here. I was hired. I’m three months into a job that I love more than any other I’ve had before it. I’ve recently started working for a company called All-Turtles. And part of that company is mmhmm. I know, […]

  • Making the switch to Signal

    Making the switch to Signal

    Facebook is *REALLY* good at tracking people. Whether you have an account with them or not, they’ve “got your number”. They’ve got stats on you even if you’ve never visited their sites. That’s because Facebook has an extensive tracking network using their analytics platform, meaning that chances are, you’ve got an app that allows them […]

  • Apple Fitness +: a beginner’s impression

    Apple Fitness +: a beginner’s impression

    Yesterday was the first day that Apple Fitness + was available. So I figured, since I’m an Apple fanboy, and have the Apple One subscription, why not try it out?