🐟 🧑 🐒 (I’m employed again!)

I thought I’d give an update, cause it’s been a while. I never thought I’d be here. I was hired. I’m three months into a job that I love more than any other I’ve had before it. I’ve recently started working for a company called All-Turtles. And part of that company is mmhmm. I know,… Continue reading 🐟 🧑 🐒 (I’m employed again!)

Making the switch to Signal

Facebook is *REALLY* good at tracking people. Whether you have an account with them or not, they’ve “got your number”. They’ve got stats on you even if you’ve never visited their sites. That’s because Facebook has an extensive tracking network using their analytics platform, meaning that chances are, you’ve got an app that allows them… Continue reading Making the switch to Signal

Pi-hole vs. CIrcle Home Plus for family internet safety

Between my son and my nieces and nephews, I’ve got 9 kids that are regularly at my house. And they’re growing up in a world that didn’t exist without internet access. So, as you can imagine with all the malware, scams, and mature content out there, I’ve been searching for a way to keep the… Continue reading Pi-hole vs. CIrcle Home Plus for family internet safety