Apple Fitness +: a beginner’s impression

Yesterday was the first day that Apple Fitness + was available. So I figured, since I’m an Apple fanboy, and have the Apple One subscription, why not try it out?

I started with the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout for “absolute beginners”. First of all, they provide 3 different levels of intensity for each workout to meet your fitness level. Which is nice. I’m not a small guy, and I didn’t get that way by being super active. But I’m also diabetic, so during a pandemic, when going to a gym isn’t an option, this is a great solution.

The Apple Fitness + Trainers

I was really impressed with the variety of trainers, music, and even each of the trainer’s styles. But the best part for me is that the activity rings (the circular progress bars for your daily goals) show up on screen during your workout. You see your stats, such as heart rate, calorie burn, and during certain workouts, a “burn bar”. The burn bar shows your ranking among others who have also taken that workout.

Apple Fitness + on each of the compatible devices

Each workout has a set of songs that plays in the background. When the song changes, there’s a little notification that pops up and tells you what it is. And as a bonus, if you’re an Apple Music subscriber, the playlists are available at the bottom of the workout page, which is a nice touch.

A playlist from the Throwback Dance workout

Update: Since release, I’ve now done a yoga class, and a dance class. Both of which were really good.

As a beginner to class / video workouts, this has been a really good experience. It’s nice to be able to workout without feeling any judgement from other classmates. Also, the fact that there are already modifications if there’s an exercise that might be a bit too difficult for me is a huge plus. The trainers are there to help you reach your goals, not break you.

I do however feel that Apple might be limiting themselves ,in a technical means, by not allowing AirPlay to a TV (at this point, you have to have an AppleTV 4th or 5th Gen to view on a TV), or on an iPad or iPhone. I just can’t imagine doing a dance, or HIIT workout from my phone.

Also, if you own an TV, but don’t have an Apple Watch, you’re out of luck, as the watch is required for TV workouts. You can however, do workouts on a phone or iPad without a watch.


  • Included with the Top-Tier Apple One plan
  • Variety of workouts
  • Some workouts require no equipment
  • Beginners section
  • New content being added regularly
  • Social distanced workouts
  • Fitness/Health Apps show workout stats


  • Limited to Apple devices (not available on Smart TVs or Roku devices)
  • Apple watch required.
  • AppleTV(device) required to watch on TV
  • Only in the top-tier of Apple One services grouping

Bottom Line:

If you’re deeply invested in the Apple Ecosystem, and want to get some exercise, Apple Fitness + is a great resource.

If you’re not, there might be a hit to your wallet to get all the Apple “equipment” to get up and running with it.


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